Boston Biennial 3:

 a Biennial Project Production

Since it’s inauguration many years ago The Boston Biennial has become a cherished and much anticipated New England institution – not unlike Opening Day at Fenway or the Pops on the Fourth, gifting the public with exposure to cutting edge contemporary artistic practice, as well as serving an important role in invigorating and democratizing the Boston area creative community.

For The Boston Biennial , the Boston Biennial Selection Committee will again showcase a variety of the best work being produced in New England and the world, as well as to shine a spotlight on the collective that has clearly raised the bar for artistic production and theory in the area covered by the Original Thirteen Colonies (not to be confused with the Original Six NHL Franchises or the Seven Sister Colleges), namely THE BIENNIAL PROJECT.

A large screen projection will illuminate the work chosen for The Boston Biennial 3. The work chosen for the recent ArtVenice Biennale and the Biennial Roadshow Marfa will also be displayed digitally.

Additionally, the ever-expanding and dynamic membership of The Biennial Project will develop several new site specific installations and conceptual works while hopped up on diet coke and cheetos.

Don’t miss the social event of the summer season!

Gala Opening Reception
Thursday July 17th, 6-9 pm

Gala Closing Reception:
August 21st, 6-9 pm

Giant Gala Garage Sale:
Saturday July 26th, 2-6pm

The Biennial Project Retrospective:
40 Years of Our Art Special Gala Reception:
Thursday August 7th, 7pm (black tie encouraged)

“I’ll tell you this. No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”, Texas Radio and the Big Beat


A brief history of the past:            Near the beginning, there arose a prophet through whom the word* was revealed. He so reviled the sinfulness of the city that he determined to create a purer place where study of the word would be facilitated. He chose a small town in the remote Texas dessert for his endeavor, and commenced to create a grand compound of many buildings furnished to his detailed specifications. Word spread of the accomplishments of the prophet, and others who recognized the correctness of the his vision gravitated to this place. Pilgrims seeking a better understanding of the word began to travel there for study and reflection, which continues to this day.

A brief history of the week of 3/29-4/6/14      One small band of fervent seekers, also weary of the city and it’s sin and endless dirty snow, arrives in said town for a week of such study and reflection.blogtrailer4567blogpilgrims3blogpilgrims123




Being a group with a long-established affinity for the wrong side of the tracks, they set up camp on the trailer-trash side of town. In trailers. Literally.




There they commence their study of the word, and of the town. Here follow a few impressions from this leg of their ongoing spiritual journey:


The Donald – thank you eternally Sir for having constructed pyramids in honor of your escaping, and thank you for letting us look at them – even if you didn’t let us take pictures. Perfectly imposing constructions laid out just-so against the backdrop of the luscious Chihuahua dessert. Marvelous. Memorable. We were impressed, even if an evil little voice did whisper in our ear once or twice that as a theology it was perhaps just a wee bit, well, tidy.



Dan Flavor Flav Flavin – This we loved. Totally intoxicating. So much visual pleasure we felt like kids on a truly excellent sugar high. This work alone would have made the trip worth it.





Prada Marfa – The emptiness of commercialism. The fetishism of commodities. Man-made vs natural environments. Decay over time. The usual themes handled here with an extremely deft touch. Plus, it’s fun. You try doing that. (Note to the State of Texas – we have a deal for you – back off on your plan to tear this place down and we agree to allow George W. Bush to continue to call himself a painter.)





El Cosmico – The above-mentioned trailer park. Only it’s a trailer park as re-imagined by generous gurus on a particularly good batch of windowpane.  The perfect spot for your next wedding, bar mitzvah, acid trip. Did we mention the hot tubs?



Biennial Roadshow Marfa Opening Reception – The main event, held at El Cosmico. Sublime. The transcendence of life lived among art and artists. So much glorious art, and artists and art lovers to share it with. Proving once again that art is reason enough not to put a gun to your head. Did we mention the hot tubs?


bloghottub3there will be blood-page1

One of the highlights of the night was artist Artemis Herber – one of the prize winners and a truly amazing artist and person, speaking about her work. We are in total awe of her.

blogartemis1Biennial roadshow winners13

Biennial roadshow winners14blogartemis2

Biennial roadshow winners15

Check out more of her work here:

Then there was the also amazing and really nice Karen Rosenkrantz – on the left below at the reception – who showed work from her witty and apropos series Cowboys, and had this to say about the event afterwards: Thanks so much for including me .. It was an interesting experience. I think I was particularly impressed that the entire cast of characters (of course) just showed up: artists, gallerists, curators , and buyers. … Pretty amazing and nicely done. All the best.”  Right back at you Karen – you are great!

blogginnykarenroadshow complete_Page_086

Check out more of Karen’s work here:

Another great participant was Ginny Barrett, who brought her human and canine entourage down from Austin for the event:

roadshow complete_Page_013blogginny2

We love her and her work! See more at:

See all the Biennial Roadshow Marfa art here:

See the Biennial Roadshow prizewinners here:

Because this work is great, and because as artists ourselves we take seriously our responsibility to publicize the fuck out of your work, we are going to show all the Biennial Roadshow Marfa artwork on a large sreen for the entire Boston Biennial 2015 (July/August – Atlantic Works Gallery Boston). Come one, come all!


Community of Marfa and Environs – We offer our most most profound un-ironic thanks for warming our hearts, tanning our faces, and sending us back to Gomorrah with a skip in our step. Such a gorgeous, unique huge little town. We’ll be back if you’ll have us.




There is lots more to be told about Marfa. But it will have to wait for now. El Cosmico doesn’t have cable, and those re-runs of Project Runway don’t watch themselves.


The Biennial Project, in collaboration with the Biennial Roadshow Marfa Advisory Group.

* And the word is Minimalism.  (Prominent artists associated with this movement include Donald Judd, John McCracken, Agnes Martin, Dan Flavin, Robert Morris, Anne Truitt, and Frank Stella. Minimalism derives from the reductive aspects of Modernism and is often interpreted as a reaction against Abstract expressionism and a bridge to Postminimal art practices.)

Never let it be said that the Biennial Project isn’t serious with a capital Serious. With its summer show here at Atlantic Works, the Biennial Project makes a serious effort to satisfy your minimum monthly requirement of horny Boy Scouts, opium-smoking eccentrics, circus freaks, aging hippies, lumberjacks, and sex workers. Even if you missed the opening party it’s not too late to bathe in the bliss of total self-regard as the Biennial Project asks again its perennial question, “Why Not Us?”
Come to the closing reception: August 16th, 7-10 pm.

Fernando DeOliveira

Fernando DeOliveira

Samantha Marder and Fernando DeOliveira

Samantha Marder and Fernando DeOliveira

From the bizarre photo shoot

From the bizarre photo shoot

Mitch Ahern Demands Your Love

Mitch Ahern Demands Your Love

Peanut butter and art sandwiches

Peanut butter and art sandwiches

Suzanne Mercury reads one-word poems

Suzanne Mercury reads one-word poems

On the red carpet with Sonia Domkarova, Fernando DeOliveira and Jess Stambaugh

On the red carpet with Sonia Domkarova, Fernando DeOliveira and Jess Stambaugh

Branden Harrington takes time out from making awesome videos to make social media faces with Anna Salmeron

Branden Harrington takes time out from making awesome videos
to make social media faces with Anna Salmeron


Stills from Martha McCollough's Video I Spy, in case you wondered what you look like from space.

Stills from Martha McCollough’s Video I Spy,
in case you wondered what you look like from space.

The Biennial Project presents

Bizarre Artist Happenings

The internationally renowned, cutting edge and East Boston based conceptual artist group, The Biennial Project, is pleased to announce the opening of their trail blazing newest show ‘Bizarre Artist Happenings’

Bizarre Artist Happenings’ will start off with a trail blazing opening reception at Atlantic Works Gallery this coming July 19th and will show until the boisterous closing reception being held on Thursday August 16th.These will be the art parties of the summer if not the decade and they are not to be missed. Partygoers are encourage to dress to impress as their ‘eclectic artist persona’. Bring out that Puchi or your leather chaps and lets all bring some of the faded glamour of the Warhol Factory to Beantown!!

We look forward to seeing you and your entire audience at our avant-garde, innovative event (which your grandchildren will surely be talking about)!!

Exhibition Dates: July 19–August 18, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday July 19th 7–10pm
Closing Reception: Thursday August 16th 7–10pm

Eric Hess explains the complex process of selection to The Biennial Project

A fabulous cake for the guests of opening event.

The exhibit offers insight into how to correspond with other Biennial artist around the world

A beautiful model shows off very fashionable clothing available at event

Anna demonstrates a common Biennial gesture that can be experience during the application phase of Biennial events

Good Dog!

Watching the documentary

Others watching the documentary