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October 2016

THE POETICS of SPACE Featuring George Shaw and Marjorie Kaye October 8 – 29, 2016 IMG Credit, L-R: George Shaw, Marjorie Kaye George Shaw and Marjorie Kaye will present unique approaches examining the lyrical dissection of space and surface in in this two-person exhibition at Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston. George Shaw’s paintings and […]

September 2016

Predicting the Past: A Sampler Featuring Charlene Liska, Suzanne Mercury, and Diane Teubner September 9 – 30, 2016 IMG Credit, L-R: Liska, Mercury, Teubner Three artists look beneath the layer we call the present to predict, in cross-section, what may have been. In this dissection they realign the stitches, folding together pixel, weft, warp, and […]

July/August, 2016

Animal Farm Atlantic Works Gallery Members and Invited Guests July 21 – August 20 2016 Hot on the heels of the Art Auction for Farm Animals, Atlantic Works Gallery is pleased to present Animal Farm, a summer exhibition of paintings and objects by gallery members and their invited friends. Animal Farm, the title of an […]

Artists for Farm Animals Reception and Auction

Artists for Animals Reception and Auction Benefit in support of Citizens for Farm Animals Thursday, July 14, 2016, 6-9PM Work from over 70 artists will be on display, including anything from handmade jewelry to painting, for a silent auction with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Citizens for Farm Animals campaign, which aims to make […]

June 2016

Something Out of Nothing II Leigh Hall, Martha McCollough, Michael St. Germain, Audrina Warren June 9-25, 2016 The truth is whatever we believe it to be in a given moment.” Wayne Coyne Atlantic Works Gallery is pleased to present new work by Audrina Warren – re-examining context to design new concepts of value, Martha McCollough […]

May 2016

Plato’s Cave Bo Petran, Stephanie Arnett, and invited guests   May 7-28, 2016 The artists, Bo Petran and Stephanie Arnett portray reality through the interplay of light and shadow, as in a camera obscura, defining space and focusing our conscious attention through an interactive constructed environment. In the classical allegory, inhabitants shackled in the near […]

Fung Wah Red Carpet Interviews

The Biennial Project continues it’s tradition of hard-hitting and insightful journalism with their trademarked series of Biennial Project Red Carpet Interviews conducted in and around major events on the Top Shelf International Biennial/Biennale Circuit. This incarnation features them at the recent Fung Wah Biennial organized by NY’s Flux Factory.

April 2016

The Boston Biennial 4: A Wicked Good Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art Presented by The Biennial Project. Proudly hosted by Atlantic Works Gallery   April 2016 The birth of The Boston Biennial was a turning point in opportunities to showcase cutting edge creative work in the Boston area. This highly anticipated fourth installment brings together […]

March 2016

Yogi Stupa / A Crack In The Mirror Works by Christine Palamidessi and Walter Kopec   March 3-26, 2016 Christine Palamidessiʼs Yogi Stupa recreates the inside of a Buddhist shrine: rows and rows of repeated images; in this case, plaster simulacrums of Yoga teacher chests and torsos. The installation is inspired by the artistʼs yoga […]

February 2016

COEPI: New members Show Please join us in welcoming our new members:   Perla Castañeda’s work is inspired by her mother’s recent, brave struggle with breast cancer. The art incorporates drawings of flowers–gifts from family, loved ones and co-workers–and showcases the fleshy pink tone that is both a symbol of the disease and awakening health. […]