Boston Biennial 3:

 a Biennial Project Production

Since it’s inauguration many years ago The Boston Biennial has become a cherished and much anticipated New England institution – not unlike Opening Day at Fenway or the Pops on the Fourth, gifting the public with exposure to cutting edge contemporary artistic practice, as well as serving an important role in invigorating and democratizing the Boston area creative community.

For The Boston Biennial , the Boston Biennial Selection Committee will again showcase a variety of the best work being produced in New England and the world, as well as to shine a spotlight on the collective that has clearly raised the bar for artistic production and theory in the area covered by the Original Thirteen Colonies (not to be confused with the Original Six NHL Franchises or the Seven Sister Colleges), namely THE BIENNIAL PROJECT.

A large screen projection will illuminate the work chosen for The Boston Biennial 3. The work chosen for the recent ArtVenice Biennale and the Biennial Roadshow Marfa will also be displayed digitally.

Additionally, the ever-expanding and dynamic membership of The Biennial Project will develop several new site specific installations and conceptual works while hopped up on diet coke and cheetos.

Don’t miss the social event of the summer season!

Gala Opening Reception
Thursday July 17th, 6-9 pm

Gala Closing Reception:
August 21st, 6-9 pm

Giant Gala Garage Sale:
Saturday July 26th, 2-6pm

The Biennial Project Retrospective:
40 Years of Our Art Special Gala Reception:
Thursday August 7th, 7pm (black tie encouraged)