Something Out of Nothing II

Leigh Hall, Martha McCollough, Michael St. Germain, Audrina Warren

June 9-25, 2016

The truth is whatever we believe it to be in a given moment.”

Wayne Coyne

Atlantic Works Gallery is pleased to present new work by Audrina Warren – re-examining context to design new concepts of value, Martha McCollough – who continues to manipulate the notion of the audience space, giving one a simultaneous feeling of watcher and watched, Michael St. Germain, with deceptively simple responses to human disruptions of the natural world, and Leigh Hall – bringing a gestural surrealism to her multi-dimensional bugs.

Premised on the shared language of their art practices and riffing off of their 2015 collaboration, the four artists again conduct assumptions of unstructured conversation and intention on the playground-like stage of the subconscious. Like life, the work qualifies the singular experience as a moment of opportunity. Before long viewers also, cannot help but search for the same importance.

Opening Reception : Thursday, June 9, 2016, 6-9PM
Third Thursday Reception and Artist Talks: Thursday, June 16, 6-9PM
Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays, 2-6 PM or by appointment