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January 2016

The 7 Deadly Sins gallery members & invited artists 08-23 January 2016   Join us as we give the devil his due… The show will feature gallery membersʼ and invited artistsʼ contemporary takes on the age-old vices: envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. With artwork created in response to such a wide range […]

December 2015

a balance act new work by Nick Di Stefano & Carmen Sasso  03-26 December 2015   In A Balance Act, Sasso peels back some of the contradictions between realism and abstraction in visual art. He observes art’s past societal norms and innovations in search of that evolutionary moment when they diverge and then merge into […]

November 2015

in other words, anders gesagt new work by X Bonnie Woods and John Kennard  November 5th – 29th X Bonnie Woods divides her studio time between Boston, MA, and Berlin, Germany. In the Bilingual series she explores notions of communication, translation, and miscommunication. She has exhibited her paintings and photos widely in the U.S. and Germany. She uses […]

October 2015

Evidence: work by Melissa Shook & Procession: work by Rachel Shatil October 1st – 24th Evidence, by Melissa Shook, comprises a series of daily self-portraits taken with an iPhone between December 2014 and July 2015, which advances concerns of her original 1972-73 daily portrait series.  The new work reflects a woman now in her mid-seventies, with text […]

September 2015

Something Out of Nothing: works by Leigh Hall, Martha McCollough, Michael St Germain, and Audrina Warren September 5th – 26th “I have never felt like I was creating anything. For me, it’s like walking through a desert and all at once, poking up through the hardpan, I see the top of a chimney. I know there’s […]

July / August 2015

Doppelgänger: a group show that explores parallels and connections between the work of gallery members and their invited guests   July 16th – August 20th Stephanie Arnett – Sarah Rushford / Suzanne Mercury – Peter Anthony / Nicholas DiStefano – tba /Rick Dorff – Rick Dorff (id) / Kristen Freitas – Paige Cunning / Leigh Hall […]

June 2015

Away Mission: new works by Stephanie Arnett and Martha McCollough Away Mission: a metaphor for daydreaming and the internal life, in which the mind steps away from the perceptions created by the body and uses memory to form a constellation of thoughts that reverse-engineer possible futures. June 6th – 27th In Away Mission, Stephanie Arnett works with constructed […]

May 2015

Layered: new works on paper and in video by Kristen Freitas May 2nd – 28th Layers suggest depth and mystery over a vast range of entities from geological strata to historical representations of events to the recess of the human psyche, and, in all cases, it is rarely the most accessible layer that offers up the most […]

April 2015

Metaphors & Metamorphoses Leigh Hall and Suzanne Mercury April 4th – 26th Atlantic Works Gallery is pleased to present Metaphors &Metamorphoses, a lyrical and meditative exhibition which combines sculptural and mixed media images of insects, mirrors, and fragmented language, and explores the weird aerial and liminal physicality of the constantly changing natural world in all its beauty, charm, and […]

March 2015

Inner Investigation/ Hidden Truths George Shaw and Marjorie Kaye March 6th – 28th “A Persian rug is perfectly imperfect and precisely imprecise,” as it is said.  A flaw is deliberately included to represent humility, and to honor God, or Spiritual Intelligence. When considering the relationship between Classical form and the Romantic in visual art, the “flaw” in the […]