Featuring George Shaw and Marjorie Kaye

October 8 – 29, 2016
IMG Credit, L-R: George Shaw, Marjorie Kaye

George Shaw and Marjorie Kaye will present unique approaches examining the lyrical dissection of space and surface in in this two-person exhibition at Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston.

George Shaw’s paintings and constructions are on and made of wood panels, and consist of oil paint, oil pastel, dry pigment, wax medium, molding and found objects. This combination produces a balance between luminosity and saturation, with a focus on texture and the relationship between minimal objects and space. The background and foreground is interchangeable, creating illusive space, yet there are very distinct relationships between them.

He writes: “The physics of consciousness, in relation to modern quantum mechanics theory illustrates my intention in regards to my work. I am interested in what consciousness truly is and the physical connection between our consciousness and/or spirit and the universe; and that we are truly interrelated.” The desire for an answer appears as a shelter, an anchor, a sanctuary: home. “Gradually, in my works, a house-like shape emerged, and became an important element: a counter-point to a universe, poised on the knife edge of meaning and the precipice of the void.”

Marjorie Kaye’s sculptures consist of individual forms cut from plywood, nailed and layered with wood glue. Some of the pieces are painted with gouache and sealed with acrylic medium. Others are made to be either interior or exterior pieces harmoniously settled within the environment, painted with exterior house paint. Whether free-standing or wall mounted, the pieces are built out from a mass or a singular point. Many are layered in a circular formation, forming cone-like attached entities.

Her gouache paintings start from automatic drawing, releasing form and shape from movement. The forms are immediately organic, swirling and undulating from one end of the surface from the other. Once this has been established, the shapes are dissecting it into their unique rhythms, balancing between energy and calculation. There are many solutions to the imminent puzzle put forth by the initial drawing, all based on sequence.

Both sculptures and paintings address the puzzles present within the etheric universe. Both inward and outward are the mechanics of duality, vibrating between the laws of intention and those of chance, and coming together in an ocean of predetermination.

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 8, 2016, 2016, 6-9PM
Third Thursday Reception and Artist Talks: Thursday, October 20, 6-9PM
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