The Joining Project is a large-scale installation set to launch in early June. The project will be up through September 2014, and aims to cover the Massachusetts Avenue bridge with swaths of handmade crochet and knit pieces from members of the local community and volunteers from around the country.

The quarter-mile long bridge spans the Charles river, connecting Boston and Cambridge. Thousands of “wish” tags with notes for a happier Boston will be hung on the bridge as well, all in response to Boston Marathon bombing. A warm, happy and wishful bridge will be born to join all our communities.

Learn more about the project here- fuzzy submissions are still needed to cover this bridge in a blanket of friendship and camaraderie. Please contact Silvi ( for more information of how to join or visit

Meet the team, fill out “wish” tags and knit along with the Joining Project at the Boston Cyclorama April 18th, 12-5 PM. Bead + Fiber will be teaching how to knit!

More events details on Facebook.