Something Out of Nothing:

works by Leigh Hall, Martha McCollough, Michael St Germain, and Audrina Warren

September 5th – 26th

“I have never felt like I was creating anything. For me, it’s like walking through a desert and all at once, poking up through the hardpan, I see the top of a chimney. I know there’s a house under there, and I’m pretty sure that I can dig it up if I want.” Stephen King

Atlantic Works Gallery presents Something Out of Nothing, in which artists bring a motley assortment of objects and actions into play, including video, sculpture, photography, costumes, ceiling hooks, household junk, and more. Their goal is to dig up something of what’s “under there” through creative destruction and reinvention. A paper shredder is involved.

Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 5th, 6-9 pm

Closing Reception & Artist Talks:
Thursday, September 17th, 6-9 pm

Gallery Hours:
Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm or by appointment.

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