One Moment On Going

New work by Carmen Sasso

One Moment On Going is an exhibit that extracts a sculptural prototype from a Picasso painting. The Cubist 2D format is perceived as a blue print for 3D structure. The figurative constructions, reflective of a Picasso image, are then developed with personalities determined by Greek Myth representing Pluto, Neptune, Venus and Mercury. Surrounding these sculptural dispositions, similar to the Roman Colosseum, are 5×5 square canvas.

Each painting is created with one intent: To listen as lightening strikes, and to witness the Osprey snatching a fish from the sea.

Salvatore Quasimodo sums up this artist’s attitude with a poem: “every one of us stands alone on the heart of the earth, Transfixed by a beam of sun; And suddenly it is evening.”

Exhibition dates: December 5 – 28, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 5th, 6-9pm
3rd Thursday Party: December 19th, 6-9pm