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Talking with Charlene Liska about Silence

In the Silent. Silence. Silenced. exhibit at Atlantic Works Gallery, Charlene Liska sets up a Plato’s Cave, of sorts, using video and installation. Gallery visitors can see faces of the artist’s  tribe on one screen and hear the echos of what they are saying–via  deliberate use of headphone assistance– on a second screen in a […]

Making Art at Atlantic Works Gallery

For the Silent. Silence. Silenced exhibit at Atlantic works, I showed a grouping of black & white monoprints of hooded heads that many gallery visitors said were fascinating. At the artist talk, one of the guests thought the row of prints reminded her of Crusaders. It was a long haul through self-censorship for me to show […]

(More Than) 5 Tips for Writing Art Announcement Post Card

For the Silent. Silence. Silenced. show at Atlantic Works Gallery, Charlene Liska and I worked together to come up with an attractive and informative post card that would serve multiple purposes: A Hand-out to give friends and family. An immediate mailer/invitation. There’s no envelope to open. A good-looking ‘small flyer’ for us, fellow artist friends, […]

Samantha Marder’s BENT: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Meret Oppenheim is supposed to have described her famous Objet (Le Déjeuner en Fourrure-1936 ), the fur-covered cup, saucer and spoon, as “the image of femininity imprinted in the minds of men and projected on to women.” Samantha Marder’s BENT  installation at  Boston’s Atlantic Works Gallery (December 3-30, 2016), begs similar questions as the cup: […]


Atlantic Works Gallery Member    Marjorie Kaye’s sculptures reach out and in and up and beyond. The transcendent stacks of energy are constructed from pieces of plywood, which are cut into shapes with a jig saw, smoothed and then tinted with bold gouache color–or house paint washes. The pieces are assembled in sequences, one piece […]

GEORGE SHAW: Painting House

George Shaw’s paintings seduce the viewer with their color and secret. They are investigations of home and house, Shaw’s personal continent of experience. He studied painting at Massachusetts College of Art, graduating with honors, and works during the day as a master carpenter. Shaw also has a certificate in historic architectural  preservation. The paintings of […]


What artist would turn down a second mind, a pair of extra hands, or a person who could stand by their side realizing and making manifest what they themselves were thinking? The Safarani sisters, identical twins Farzaneh and Bahareh, have just that.  Since the age of 13 they have been helping each other do art. […]

Rachel Shatil Installation at Galatea Gallery in Boston

Rachel Shatil grew up on a kibbutz in Israel. Both of her parents were holocaust survivors. “Life lessons were all about staying alive–not about ambition, career, art, finding love,” she said. “Love was careful, very guarded, because anyone you loved could be taken away.” Fifty percent of the the people living on the kibbutz were […]

Happening at AWG: A Homage to Boston T

                It’s not always the visual arts that take center stage at East Boston’s edgy art gallery. On December 10 and 12th, the Fort Point Theater Channel’s group hauled on over Boston Harbor to perform a series of 9 short staged readings that ranged from “Alice in Wonderland” […]