A show of new works by Audrina Bell Warren and Michael St.Germain, presented at Atlantic Works Gallery, November 2-25 2018.

Individuals in recent polls lament the rapid passage of time and express desire to be more aware and present in life. The solution, say many, equates to slowing down and taking it all in.

Congruent with those aforementioned desires to be more aware and present, the work in AS IS speaks to immediacy, and the responsibility of individuals to accept a frame reference in said form. Deferring to intuition and gut responses, the artist makes rapid mechanical decisions, which explore aesthetic territory beyond the edges of logic and reason. The artist calls the selection of objects and drawings offered in AS IS “fruits of a fool’s errand”.
The SAVeRY is a satirical value analysis – an anecdotal proposal for a place where recognition of worth appreciates, the way a bank functions as an intermediary of trust, providing an institutional “stamp” of approval on all the functions protecting the value of assets saved within it. The context touches upon hyper-localized exchanges of goods and services, as mirrors of those on display around the world. Visitors to the SAVϴRY will likely recognize the connections between proximity to opportunity, and a society asleep and enslaved by capitalism.

Opening celebration and “Brunch” November 3 from 1-4pm
Third Thursday reception November 15 from 6-9pm

In addition, the artists will host “Values” a conversation and virtual forum on “what we find valuable”, a discussion of anything worth considerable value, during regular gallery hours November 9 from 2-6pm. Support for this event provided by its contributors and Cultural Liability Corporation ©

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