New works by George Shaw and Dominick Takis presented by Atlantic Works Gallery

December 1-28, 2018.

A wink and a smile and a kiss good-bye
Good-bye, so long, I hope that I will see you …

      Miranda- from “Slowdrive”

Time is present in memory. Takis and Shaw’s work are an accumulation of layers, representing time as sedimentary rock, housing memory layering upon memory; some are recognizable, and some memories reside where we rarely access them, waiting to come to the surface.  The name “Miranda” means worthy of recognition. Revelation and meaning has a way of finding the way to the top of our waking dreams.

Both artists use a combination of materials to create their work, ranging from lichen and industrial materials to cold wax, found objects, and spray paint.

George Shaw

“I’m a lousy fisherman, don’t have balls to be a hunter, too lazy to be a lawyer, too honest to be a politician. I decided to build stuff to put a roof over my head and to answer that nagging voice to figure out why I’m alive. That’s about it.  I’m a carpenter and an artist, nothing more, nothing less – hoping I’m helping me and you to figure it all out.”

Dominick Takis

“90’s dream pop’s Slowdive’s “Miranda” is the inspiration for this work. The sound is delicate and moody. It is layered, abstracted and textured. My art is texture and surface, transparent and opaque. The music reinforces and directs my pallet and tints. I get caught up in its dream and it takes me places, not unconsciously but parental. My use of lichen and its symbiotic existence reinforces my symbiotic relationship with music. I need it to paint.”

There will be an opening reception on Saturday, December 1st, 2018, from 6-9pm

The Third Thursday reception and Artists’ Talk will take place on December 20, from 6-9pm.


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