An Installation by
vanessa r. thompson and Mark Natale
East Boston, July 24, 2011 The production of art is a tumultuous, visceral process, the results of which are hung on pristine gallery walls for consumption by the viewer. The production of food is a grueling, laborious process, the results of which are stacked in neatly shrink- wrapped packages in a grocer’s freezer for consumption by the shopper. vanessa r thompson and Mark Natale’s installation and photography intertwine process and product, the consumer and the consumed. Mark Natale’s black-and-white photographs of farm production hang on white walls. Behind the white walls, Thompson’s photographs hang within an installation of three claustrophobic fur-lined corridors.
Exhibit Duration: October 8-29, 2011 Opening Reception: Saturday, October 8, 6-9pm Gallery hours: Fridays through Sundays, 2-6pm or by appointment For more information or to schedule a private press viewing, email vanessa r thompson at or phone her at (617)852-2385.

About the Artists:
vanessa r thompson received her MFA at the Art Institute of Boston. She has exhibited her work throughout New England, most recently at First Fridays at 450 Harrison Ave. in Bostonʼs South End, and at Somerville open studios.

Originally from New Jersey, Mark Natale “took art class for one semester in 7th grade.” He learned about art in Europe after visiting countless galleries and national art institutes. Markʼs artistic vision is influenced by the late Ray Johnson, Yousuf Karsh and Diane Arbus. Mark has exhibited recently at Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston, Massachusetts.
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