Thin Places:

Bo Petran, Stephanie Arnett and invited guests

March 3, 2018 through March 30, 2018

Opening Reception – Saturday, March 3rd, 6-9pm

3rd Thursday Reception – March 15th  6-9pm

In Thin Places, we are divested of the illusion that our mundane world is wholly separate from the world of the invisible.  The phrase is Celtic in origin and unlike similar concepts of oneness with the divine from other cultures, it refers to a physical location where we can peek through to a greater beyond. In their two-person exhibition with invited guests, Bo Petran and Stephanie Arnett present a look behind the veil.

For Petran, his  journey as a painter and sculptor began with his choice to cross between two worlds: from the Czechoslovakian border to West Germany with a machine gun in his hand.  His Thin Place will represent a physical space cultivated for creative flow.

Arnett is a lapsed painter, and a photographer by trade,  She’ll be showing her recent experiments with flow painting in a continuation of the narrative of space exploration from her Away Mission series.

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