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October 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 6-27 Atlantic Works Gallery presents Receptions 6-9pm October 6 OPENING October 18 THIRD THURSDAY Justin C. Rounds’ work depicts the everyday shopping cart in image and object, deconstructing and reconstructing the icon of consumer capitalism in an effort to transform the viewer’s perspective on our environmentally and socially destructive buying habits. […]

September 2018

September 8 – 29, 2018 ATLANTIC WORKS GALLERY PRESENTS Fabrications paintings by Diane Teubner and Brian Jude Reardon RECEPTIONS 6-9PM SEPTEMBER 8 OPENING SEPTEMBER 20 THIRD THURSDAY Two painters respond to the made, constructed, assembled. Diane Teubner attends to interval, measure, and rhythms in her paintings, looking to textiles – their structure, designs, and embellishments […]

July 2018

July 19 – August 18, 2018 ATLANTIC WORKS GALLERY PRESENTS 15 Years on the Edge: Atlantic Works Gallery’s anniversary celebration featuring members of the gallery RECEPTIONS 6-9PM JULY 19 OPENING AUGUST 16 CLOSING The Atlantic Works Building at 80 Border Street in East Boston is visible on maps as early as 1892, as part of […]

June 2018

Discovery and Discernment…A Journey Back to Now Featuring new works  by artists Diane Modica and Sandrine Colson June 2-23 Opening Reception – Saturday, June 2, 6-9pm Artists Explore Heritage at Atlantic Works Gallery Exhibit  Modica and Colson each explore their rich ancestry and heritage and the connections that the past and the present create within us.  This includes […]

May 2018

Atlantic Works Gallery is proud to host The Revolution Will Not Be… May 4, 2018 through May 26, 2018 Opening Reception – Saturday, May 5, 6-9pm 3rd Thursday Reception and artist talks– May 17th  6-9pm   The Revolution Will Not Be… A dilemma for an artist is how to make art out of information that most of […]

April 2018

Atlantic Works Gallery is proud to host Boston Biennial 5 presented by The Biennial Project April 7, 2018 through Ap, 2018 Opening Reception – Saturday, April 7, 6-9pm 3rd Thursday Reception and capsule artist talks– April 19th  6-9pm Closing Reception– Sunday, April 22nd, 4-6pm 3rd Thursday Reception and capsule artist talks– April 19th 6-9pm “So much gorgeous […]

March 2018

Thin Places: Bo Petran, Stephanie Arnett and invited guests March 3, 2018 through March 30, 2018 Opening Reception – Saturday, March 3rd, 6-9pm 3rd Thursday Reception – March 15th  6-9pm In Thin Places, we are divested of the illusion that our mundane world is wholly separate from the world of the invisible.  The phrase is Celtic […]

February 2018

New Members Show “Point of View” by Diane Modica and “New Works” by Justin Rounds  February 3 – 24, 2018 Opening Reception: Saturday, February 3, 6-9pm Third Thursday Reception: February 15, 6-9pm About the Artists Diane Modica was born and raised in East Boston where she resides. A lawyer by day, she is a self-taught artist who has […]

January 2018

Art Basil January 12 – 27, 2018 Opening Reception and Artist Talks: Thursday, January 18, 6-9pm   Atlantic Works Gallery has a history of staging offbeat group shows to satisfy the personalities and talents of our eclectic artist members…   …so, this past summer, when one of our members climbed up a ladder to get […]

December 2017

Nexus work by Marjorie Kaye and Carmen Sasso December 1-23, 2017 Nexus represents a constellation of ideas circulating in the present, originating with the ancients, and manifesting in the sculpture and painting of artists Marjorie Kaye and Carmen Sasso. Marjorie Kaye examines the relationship between recent two dimensional paintings and three dimensional sculptures.  The paintings […]