Inner Investigation/ Hidden Truths

George Shaw and Marjorie Kaye

March 6th – 28th

“A Persian rug is perfectly imperfect and precisely imprecise,” as it is said.  A flaw is deliberately included to represent humility, and to honor God, or Spiritual Intelligence.

When considering the relationship between Classical form and the Romantic in visual art, the “flaw” in the human gestalt, the romantic and irrational beauty of emotion and expression, fills a perfect mirror of the universe, the pristine Classical structure.  The rhythm of creation includes the passion of human existence.

The Golden Ratio, which is a system of order in the universe striving for eternal beauty and perfection, is present in the works of both painter George Shaw and sculptor Marjorie Kaye.  Both artists inject aspects of the Romantic into this form.  Shaw works the surface in a combination of oil paint and wax medium, textural mapping within a clean, geometrical composition.  His work investigates the area between conscious reflection and the otherworldliness of another dimension of reality.  The paintings are a balance between self-knowledge and unknown sources of experience.  The act of searching, reflection, discovery and manifestation take place at once in a skeletal form of geometric truth.  Kaye’s wood sculptures, on the other hand, utilize classical structure as a vehicle for blatant expression of joy and spiritual rapture.  They are boldly color-saturated and organic.  The forms point upward from a centrifugal base, hunting and seeking.  The questions and the answers rapidly become intertwined.  Time is visualized, stretched, emoted.  The forms contain and suggest energetic direction, almost to the point where observation stands on the edge of a physical experience.

Within the works of both artists, subjective expression is contained within the objective means of composition.  It is this realization of the harmonious in nature, the overwhelming presence of the divine unknown, which unifies structure both recognizable and mysterious.   This enables the passion and complexity of the expression of being to emerge within form.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 7th, 6-9 pm

Third Thursday Reception:
March 19th, 6-9 pm

Gallery Hours:
Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm or by appointment.