Artwork by Atlantic Works New Members

At Atlantic Works, our new members show features three very different artists. Matthew Keller’s installation, prints and drawings are about intimate and subtle power over others, ideas of practicing restraint, thoughts of regulation of the dangers to oneself. He explores the daily give and relinquishment of power in personal communications, and the struggle to understand unknown entities.

Paintings of windows and doors have always held a special fascination for Kelly Slater. According to Slater, “Whether clearly recognizable or only merely suggestive, depictions of windows, doorways and other portals convey a sense of hopefulness and possibility–inviting us to look out onto a new vista or to cross a threshold into a different world.” In this series of abstract paintings and prints, Slater explores crossing over through the painted window and door.

In his kinetic sculptures, John Wilkinson uses common tools and materials to achieve a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Moving through space, propelled by subtle air currents often created merely by the movement of people within that space, these sculptures establish a delicate connection between the object and the viewer. This connection gives life to the mobile. And, adds John, “it is my hope that the mobile in some way returns the favor.”

Exhibition dates: February 2–26, 2012
Opening: Thursday, February 2, 6-9pm
Third Thursday Reception: Thursday, February 16, 6-9pm