Holiday Glee Market
by Samantha Marder and Neil Wyatt

The thrill of discovery. Unexpected finds — lush colors, organized chaos, and a sly sense of humor. In Barter, artists Samantha Marder and Neil Wyatt evoke the fun of an exotic market, where everything is unique and full of personality. Marder’s tiny tableaux play with place, scale, and the magic juxtaposition of imagination against reality. They enchant with the childlike question, “What if…?” Because their absurdity invites the viewer to invent narratives, Marder’s pieces are simultaneously funny, rich in meaning, and pregnant with possibility.

Whereas Wyatt’s abstract paintings take their cue from the metals, flowers and fabrics of a Middle Eastern bazaar. Wyatt is a painter’s painter, whose masterful command of his medium enables him to create a sense of mystery and joy that evades most artists. Deep bronze, copper and other gilded tones add depth and luminescence. The rich colors and complexity of his layers create a new surprise at every glimpse. The exhibition will also feature a holiday shop of affordable gifts.

December 1–29, 2012
Opening Reception:
Saturday, December 1, 6-9pm
music by Shaun England
Third Thursday Gathering:
December 13, 6-9pm