Atlantic Works Gallery is pleased to present ENGENDERED, an exhibition conceived and curated by Samantha Marder.

ENGENDERED explores how gender is variously perceived, running the gamut from the literal to the abstract. In a variety of media, ENGENDERED depicts aspects of the gender spectrum which may be clearly defined, fluid or ambiguous. The context may be biological, political, spiritual or sexual as well as personal statements of self identity, imposed identity or perceived identity.

Anxiety, serenity, humor, and indifference, profundity and superficiality, may all be evident in these collected works.

Exhibition dates: June 7, 2014 through July 7, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 7 6-9 pm

3rd Thursday Party: June 19 6-9 pm

Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm

Samantha Marder is no stranger to gender (bending) issues. She has spent the past 16 years as proprietress of My Changing Room, a cross-dressing studio based in Boston. She has acted as mentor and midwife, witness and friend to the realization of all manner of self-conceptions. Based on these and other experiences, Marder also makes collages, dioramas and installations which address the permutations of gender.

Other recent work includes the creation of her own perfume in conjunction with The Biennial Project which debuted at the Venice Biennale in 2013 and a photo series of gender oriented photographs. Currently she is doing costume and makeup design for the Atlantic Works Gallery remake of the film classic, Plan 9 from Outer Space.