VizPO: Artworks in which we use Words

It started with the Russian Futurists a hundred years ago, and now it’s everywhere—words in visual art. Or visual art made of words. Despite long taboos in both the art world and the literary world about mixing pictures and speech, the two cannot keep away from each other. The left brain and the right brain refuse to stay apart. You see the convergence in video, painting, sculpture, poetry, everywhere.

We at Atlantic Works are no exception. When this idea for a show was suggested we were surprised to realize how many of our artists were incorporating language in their work. It seems to come naturally. Sometimes words and images, like peanut butter and jelly, just go together.

Exhibition dates: April 6—27, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday April 6, 6–9PM

3rd Thursday Party: April 18, 6–9pm

Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm