Two Views: Artworks by Carmen Sasso and X Bonnie Woods

Sasso: Inspired by the explosive grandeur of the Big Bang, the original act of Creation, Sasso writes, “I listen with intent to a timeless call. Primordial. I strive to let intuition, instinct and sublime reasoning guide my artistic experience. I do not re-create nature. I try to harness the forces that make planets spin, wolves howl, and animals pay attention.

Woods: “Sumi, a dense black Asian ink, has hardly seen use in the U.S. This explosive stuff has a life of its own, yet it’s the most elegant medium I’ve ever known.” These 2013 works inhabit a quirky place between painting and monoprint. Relief printing and ink washes dominate. The “Q-R” series takes a whimsical look at the ubiquitous q.r. code. “Designs for Michael” is a colorful, playful series in memory of Michael Limberakis, a stained-glass artist who died unexpectedly in March. Other black-andwhite works are map-like experiments with rain washes.

Exhibition dates: June 6—30, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday June 6, 6–9PM

3rd Thursday Party: June 20, 6–9pm

Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm