COEPI: New members Show

Please join us in welcoming our new members:


Perla Castañeda’s work is inspired by her mother’s recent, brave struggle with breast cancer. The art incorporates drawings of flowers–gifts from family, loved ones and co-workers–and showcases the fleshy pink tone that is both a symbol of the disease and awakening health. The installation crochet pieces, also pink, are intended to be barriers to the many complications that accompany cancer treatment. Castañeda is a graduate of New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University in Boston.

Christine Palamidessi’s synesthetic Breastplates are evocators of memory, texture, geography, and popular culture. In COEPI, she exhibits them in pairs to suggest that all experience connects the self to others. Her technique incorporates paper, peat, fabric, metal, words and paint, and begins with live body casts of people who deposit a layer of their humanity into the art. She has exhibited in the United States, Italy and England, and her work is held in private collections.

sisterwerx was founded upon the principles of unity and the cornerstones of community. we refer to ourselves as many because we are. we are pluralistic intersectional series of post modern post gender reclamative expressions. we call wien home + most recently we call boston refuge. these new works square the physicality of corpus with consumption, heteronormativity is sliced thin and fried for your best digestion. kollectiv herstory, mystery, paradox, is revealed. it’s too late, you’ve been initiated. we meet every full moon, you bring a light refreshment. see you there. tschau hübscher.

Opening Reception: Thursday, 04 JAN 2015, 6-9 PM
Third Thursday Reception: Thursday, 18 DEC 2015, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays, 2-6 PM or by appointment