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Team Tolstoy

Russian Folk Musicians – Andreii Sorokin and Sister

Our opening was very well attended.
With 298 collages on view, our visitors and friends had much to take in
Starting with collage 1 in upper left…
Many Atlantic Works gallery members were present for event

Chris Chou was surprised to see me…


Adrienne & Lola

Mitchel Ahern

Eddie Holtorf

The exhibition is a meditation on koans, a paradoxical anecdote or a riddle that has no defined solution; used in Zen Buddhism to show the inadequacy of logical reasoning. Working with traditional and contemporized koans the artists seek to visualize the real from perceived understandings and notions of reality by viewing our culture as commodity, our life as commodity, commodity as control, art as control, art as life, all in patterns: life, culture, and the art pieces themselves.

Bo Petran
Chris Spuglio and friend

I am an art student, currently concentrating in photography and art history. Mostly I find influence in alternative processes and found photographs, especially family portraits which I collect from estate sales and thrift stores. In the age of digital photography, I have said no, preferring the darkroom to be as close to the medium as possible. Temporarily returning to Boston from the Midwest, where I attend college, has proved to be very self-reflecting, and mainly exciting as I get to spend the next semester helping out the Atlanticworks gallery!


Rick Dorff

Artist at Opening of exhibit on September 9th 2010

Large chest with unknown inner world

Glimpse of inner space

Ethereal shroud creates boundary for inner space

Eric Hess explains the complex process of selection to The Biennial Project

A fabulous cake for the guests of opening event.

The exhibit offers insight into how to correspond with other Biennial artist around the world

A beautiful model shows off very fashionable clothing available at event

Anna demonstrates a common Biennial gesture that can be experience during the application phase of Biennial events

Good Dog!

Watching the documentary

Others watching the documentary