BENT – A Retrospective

Twenty years of cross gender work

December 5 – 30, 2016

Gender euphoria, rather than gender dysphoria, animates Samantha Marder’s new solo show at Atlantic Works Gallery in Boston.

Presented in various media, BENT  is not only visually intriguing but also sheds light on the notions of identity,  rapidly shifting cultural and biological constructs, therapeutic indulgence and personal evolution as the work glides along the gender spectrum.

Surprisingly, much of the focus of this show is on the agnostic dresser–the “tourist’ or hobbyist” who indulges, but does not commit, to change. Turns out the Everyman of gender bending is in actuality a straight married middle-aged male.

Several portraits of trans men further complement this post from our cultural boardwalk.
The show reflects Marder’s work of two decades creating often evanescent art, much of it fashioned in My Changing Room, a cross dressing studio in Boston she founded and runs.

The Show includes: The Portrait Gallery, celebrating the joy and drama of the blooming Narcissus experience; Archive Lounge, revealing exuberant correspondence and (discretely filtered) candid photos; Dressing Room, allowing a tiny re-creation of the transformation experience with accoutrements  and favored items (all available to try); Narrative elements, providing context with dashes of wit and whimsy; Installations, highlighting relics of years spent frocking.

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 3, 2016, 6-9PM
Third Thursday Reception and Artist Talks: Thursday, December 15, 6-9PM
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-5 PM or by appointment