The June gallery show ENGENDERED will explore how gender is perceived from the literal to the abstract. Artists are invited to submit work which depicts any aspect of gender – clearly defined, fluid or ambiguous.  The context could be biological, sexual, spiritual, political, personal statements of self identity, imposed identity or perceived identity.  Or total ennui.  Some of us never consider gender – it just is. A very unconventional view of the unconventional is strongly encouraged.

This is a curated show which may involve difficult choices – it is possible that all work cannot be included.  Non- member artists are invited to participate.

Open to all media, including 2D, 3D, Mixed media, Collage, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Digital art, Sculpture, Assemblage, Video art, and Performance art.  The deadline for entries is May 30th.  Selected works will be on display for the month of June,  and will include the kickoff weekend for EastieWeek and East Boston Open Studios.

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