Good turnout for the opening of the friends show:

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With a Little Help From Our Friends


This time, it’s not all about us. We at Atlantic Works are about community, and we’re inclusive. We’re welcoming. Your ideas stimulate our ideas, and the exchange goes both ways. It is the dialog between the messages of friends, family, culture, and our own internal dictates that makes art relevant. In our annual FRIENDS show, we Atlantic Works artists invite friends whose input matters to us, whose work should be seen. We ask our artist friends with the most interesting ideas to contribute, to strut their stuff, to contribute to the dialog, to keep our gallery vital and fresh. We at Atlantic Works don’t go stale. Our FRIENDS show is part of the reason why. It will delight and ravish you with something that maybe you’ve never seen before.

Exhibition Dates: July 18 – August 17, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 18, 6-9 PM

Third Thursday Reception: Thursday, August 15, 6-9 PM

Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 2-6 PM

Two Views: Artworks by Carmen Sasso and X Bonnie Woods

Sasso: Inspired by the explosive grandeur of the Big Bang, the original act of Creation, Sasso writes, “I listen with intent to a timeless call. Primordial. I strive to let intuition, instinct and sublime reasoning guide my artistic experience. I do not re-create nature. I try to harness the forces that make planets spin, wolves howl, and animals pay attention.

Woods: “Sumi, a dense black Asian ink, has hardly seen use in the U.S. This explosive stuff has a life of its own, yet it’s the most elegant medium I’ve ever known.” These 2013 works inhabit a quirky place between painting and monoprint. Relief printing and ink washes dominate. The “Q-R” series takes a whimsical look at the ubiquitous q.r. code. “Designs for Michael” is a colorful, playful series in memory of Michael Limberakis, a stained-glass artist who died unexpectedly in March. Other black-andwhite works are map-like experiments with rain washes.

Exhibition dates: June 6—30, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday June 6, 6–9PM

3rd Thursday Party: June 20, 6–9pm

Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm

Vermillion Sands

New Work by Richard Dorff and Charlene Liska

Subject: Simultaneity

Content: Including but is not limited to 1 scrim 8’ square; 2×4 four metal studs 16 inches on center covered with1 layer half inch plywood under half inch blue board finished with one eighth inch plaster skim coat and Behr ultra pure white paint, flat finish; 1 whale bone; 24’ floor to ceiling black-out curtain hanging from three quarter conduit tubing; 1 motion sensor; perimeter track lighting on dimmers, par 30, 75 watt flood and spot bulbs; 1 6×9 ’carpet; 1video projector; 2 large sculptures; 1 directional ‘sound shower’ speaker; 32 6×6” framed photographs; 3 8’ lengths one quarter inch stainless steel cable; 1 pedestal; plain sawn maple floor sanded and finished with 2 coats low luster polyurethane and 1 coat gloss polyurethane; motion sensor; assorted floor lamps; 3 miniature BW TV’s; 3 dvd players; 1 mixing board, amplifier and 2 speakers; 1 seascape, oil on canvas, 16×24”; 1 flood light; 1 video monitor; 2 plaster cherub legs; 1video projector; mostly generic art opening wine and food (but, who knows…could be some surprises…)

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Exhibition dates: May 4 – 31, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday May 4th, 6–9pm
3rd Thursday Artist Talk: May 16th, 6–9pm
Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm


VizPO: Artworks in which we use Words

It started with the Russian Futurists a hundred years ago, and now it’s everywhere—words in visual art. Or visual art made of words. Despite long taboos in both the art world and the literary world about mixing pictures and speech, the two cannot keep away from each other. The left brain and the right brain refuse to stay apart. You see the convergence in video, painting, sculpture, poetry, everywhere.

We at Atlantic Works are no exception. When this idea for a show was suggested we were surprised to realize how many of our artists were incorporating language in their work. It seems to come naturally. Sometimes words and images, like peanut butter and jelly, just go together.

Exhibition dates: April 6—27, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday April 6, 6–9PM

3rd Thursday Party: April 18, 6–9pm

Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm

Exhibition: Feb 2013

Getting to Know You : Artwork by the New Members of Atlantic Works

“It’s a very ancient saying but a true and honest thought that if you become a teacher by your pupils you’ll be taught.”

The newest members of Atlantic works invite you to join them for tea, light refreshments and a civilized introduction to their art. Fancy dress encouraged though not required.

X Bonnie Woods
Diane Teubner
George Shaw
John Kennard
Marjorie Kaye
Branden Harrington
Kristen Freitas
Nick Di Stefano
Stephanie Arnett

Exhibition dates: March 8-30, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday March 8, 6–9PM
3rd Thursday Artist Talk: March. 21, 6–9PM
Gallery hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm

“In 1990 on my first day of work at MTV, I heard three homophobic remarks, so I knew I could not be myself at work. When I came out to my family, they feared for my safety, happiness and future.  Yet in 2013, to me living ‘out’ is as ordinary as brushing my teeth.”

As a 46-year old queer man, Eric Hess has lived through a sea change in societal attitudes towards gays. After decades of activists chanting,“We’re here, we’re queer, get used to us,” it appears that Americans have indeed gotten used to queers. At least in New England, for many the queer lifestyle is part of the new norm. For many, it still isn’t. However, the ramifications of first being part of a detested minority and then being part of an accepted minority profoundly affect how queers think of themselves and function within the world. In “Just Another Fag,” Hess explores this huge cultural shift with photography, video, dioramas and conceptual art.

Exhibition dates: February 8-23, 2013
DJ Party Opening Reception: Saturday Feb. 9, 6–9PM, music by DJ Dylan Jones
3rd Thursday Party: Feb. 21, 6–9pm, come dressed as your favorite gay!

Yankee Swap provided much entertainment
There were so many people I did not have much room to photograph artwork
Stephanie, Charlene with Matt and Nick in the background. We were packed in…
Anna’s Birthday kiss from Bo
Mitch Kasha and Anna. Kasia was the recipient of a beautiful yankee swap gift
Justin with yankee swap package.
Mitch created the concept for our show. It’s also burning man celebration night. Mitch is properly adorned for the event.
Artwork by Mitch Ahern
Hey – there’s Eric Hess
All Photographs by Mark Natale (copyleft – 2013)

The Song Remains the Same

Atlantic Works group show of art born of music

Music is a mind-altering tool as strong as any drug. Since many artists get ideas from other media and most visual artists listen to music when they work, Atlantic Works has launched a group show that celebrates art made under the influence of music. These pieces raise the question, how can ideas raised by one art form find resolution in another? The exchange is lively and fun and it shows how profoundly art and artists reflect our time and our culture.

Exhibition dates: January 11–26, 2013
DJ Party Opening Reception: Thursday, January 17, 6-9pm


Holiday Glee Market
by Samantha Marder and Neil Wyatt

The thrill of discovery. Unexpected finds — lush colors, organized chaos, and a sly sense of humor. In Barter, artists Samantha Marder and Neil Wyatt evoke the fun of an exotic market, where everything is unique and full of personality. Marder’s tiny tableaux play with place, scale, and the magic juxtaposition of imagination against reality. They enchant with the childlike question, “What if…?” Because their absurdity invites the viewer to invent narratives, Marder’s pieces are simultaneously funny, rich in meaning, and pregnant with possibility.

Whereas Wyatt’s abstract paintings take their cue from the metals, flowers and fabrics of a Middle Eastern bazaar. Wyatt is a painter’s painter, whose masterful command of his medium enables him to create a sense of mystery and joy that evades most artists. Deep bronze, copper and other gilded tones add depth and luminescence. The rich colors and complexity of his layers create a new surprise at every glimpse. The exhibition will also feature a holiday shop of affordable gifts.

December 1–29, 2012
Opening Reception:
Saturday, December 1, 6-9pm
music by Shaun England
Third Thursday Gathering:
December 13, 6-9pm