Marjorie Kaye

The Magnetic Divine

Within the etheric universe lies the mechanics of duality, vibrating between the laws of intention and those of magnetism.  Existing are drifting pockets of chance, coming together in an ocean of predetermination.  The order of things relies on innate intuition, whether borne of knowledge or luck.  The force of intention couples with the act of being.  It is within this force that self-awareness arises, thus notions and objects of duality combine into crystallization of the singular.

My work is a study of magnetism: repulsion, attraction, retreating, emerging. They cast shadows within planes of energy.  Mirrored in the elemental universe, in oceans and earth, the sculptures resemble creature-like forms, meeting the other in symbiosis.   The dialogue between areas of formation suggests the complexity of life, which generates the multiplicity of cells and organisms.

The sculptures consist of individual forms cut from plywood and layered with wood glue.   In the larger pieces, there is a core of foam core covered with veneers of plywood.  The pieces are painted with gouache and sealed with acrylic medium.   Some of the works are started with two pieces in the form of a right angle, and built from within.  Others are relief sculptures, built out from a mass or a singular point.

Parallel to the physics of magnetic energy, are the reflections of emotional states and intellectual thought patterns stemming from aspects of cause and effect.  Each piece expresses visual patterns of brain synapse and internal fireworks; a gestalt of revelation and contemplation, reaction and experience.  These are evolved aspects of the experience of duality generating the complexity of organic magnetism.