George  Shaw

“Within layers of paint emerge objects and fields of light and dimension. It is said that the conscious mind is comprised of layers of experience. To reunite with the source, it is an action of peeling off the layers of delusion. My work is centered on the realm between life and death, conscious awareness and the point of absorption into the totality of existence. Painting in layers to produce fields of emotion, meditation, and contemplation is a reflection of the paintings’ intent.”

George Shaw is an artist residing in Cambridge, Massachusetts, graduating with honors from Massachusetts College of Art in 1983 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting in 1983.  George’s aesthetic interests also extend to his studies of classical architecture and restoration, and he recently attended the Boston Architectural College, receiving a Certificate of Historic Preservation.  He feels that within the classical idea in architecture, one can establish proportion, unity and order to untamed reality, which is mirrored in his paintings.