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History is Here and Now: a politically incorrect comment on current events

Saturday June 3rd – Friday June 30th

With the rise of nationalism in the USA and all over the globe, there is a sense of déjà vu. There is a shared anxiety among millions across the globe that history is repeating itself, that we are witnessing an epic process of dehumanization, that we are living in a world that not only tolerates hate, segregation, atrocities, and genocides, but rather promotes those things. Therefore it is essential to bring back the collective historical memory of our brutal past – to remind ourselves that the abyss is not just a vague paranoid delusion, it is happening here and now.

The show will take advantage of the very well-researched public domain photographs of warzones, deportations, mass killings, and other atrocities. The visitor experience, although a bit uncomfortable, will be engaging and informative. The images will be integrated into a collage of past and present. Together they will form a four-walled landscape that will transform the Atlantic Works Gallery to a solemn space for remembrance, discussion, and reflection.

Saturday, June 3 rd 6:00-9:00 pm Opening Reception,

Saturday, June 10 th 6:00-9:00 pm Artist’s Talk on Art and Politics

Thursday, June 15 th 6:00pm Panel Speakers on Human Rights Activism amidst Dehumanisation

                        Anat Biletsky, Former Chairperson of B’Tselem , an Israeli human rights organization

                        Rick Sacra, M.D. a doctor serving in Liberia 20 years and Ebola survivor

Gallery Hours, Fridays and Saturdays, 2:00 – 6:00 pm

Creative Director: Rachel Shatil, with Artistic Collaborators: Walter Kopec, Rick Dorff, Samantha Marder, Stephanie Arnett, George Shaw, Audrina Bell Warren Public Relations and Press: Kristen Freitas Graphic Design: Amira Harari Artist’s assistant: Caleb Sacra

Rachel Shatil is a theater director and mixed media artist. She was born in a kibbutz in Israel. Both her parents were Holocaust survivors. Her work revolves around post-trauma and family loss.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Friends’ Show


Information to come soon

Welcome to Atlantic Works

Atlantic Works is a collaborative space for art and ideas. With a growing number of artists displaced by Boston’s soaring rents, East Boston is a richly diverse community which is quickly becoming a vibrant artist enclave. The Atlantic Works Gallery, composed of 29 members of the thriving East Boston Artist Group (EBAG), is a manifestation of this trend.

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