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Silent. Silence. Silenced

Saturday November 4 – Saturday November 25

Silent. Silence. Silenced, at Atlantic Works Gallery, pits the duality of quietude vs. inquietude within a provacative month-long show that is likely to stir up some controversy.

Exploring the particulars of silence, Boston artists Charlene Liska and Christine Palamidessi slide between sound made visible and the unquiet silence of nature; between the shrouding of a spokesperson and the aftershock of decapitated explosives. Each artist takes a different approach while working together to consider both the existential character of silence as well as the modes-of-being that cause us to remain or appreciate the silent, whether we have been made speechless by regime or silenced by awe. 

Palamidessi’s sculptural work and monoprints re-mythologize noisy historical and contemporary events, with deliberate subtraction of sound and actions of self-censorship.

Using video and photography, Liska layers the psychological with the scientific, looking at the unreliability of perception and sound, the anxiety resulting from loss of signal, and, finally, the joy of small sounds. 

Several artists have been invited to participate in the Silent. Silence. Silenced exhibition.
Christine Coënon, French sound artist.
John Wilk, Boston mobile maker.
Special Event at the Saturday, November 4. opening reception: 
“Everything You Wanted to Know About Abaya But Didn’t know Who to Ask” 
Three Arab women, in full black abaya, will answer questions about the experience of being silenced, or not, by their garments; as well as share the cultural history of the abaya. 
Gallery Hours 2:00-6:00 pm Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment



Marjorie Kaye and Carmen Sasso
December 1-23, 2017

Opening Reception: December 2, 6-9pm

Third Thursday Reception and Artists’ Talk: December 22, 6-9pm
Nexus represents a constellation of ideas circulating in the present, originating with the ancients, and
manifesting in the sculpture and painting of artists Marjorie Kaye and Carmen Sasso.
Marjorie Kaye examines the relationship between recent two dimensional paintings and three dimensional
sculptures.  The paintings see interrelationships between shapes along the surface, as if there were
entities co-existing within the space.  They encouraged three dimensional pieces that seemed to have
jumped out of the surface, escaping from the confines of the second dimension. There is a dichotomy
present in the works, from subtlety to complexity; iteration to minimalism.   Together the works address
the balance between two disciplines, and the singular worlds that arise from their interaction, as in a
thought giving way to the crystallization of form.

Carmen Sasso works with ideas which resonate with solace from the Old Testament through the Psalms
of David, praising God, and confirming faith through the management of fear.  Echoes of gratitude sung
from a simple shepherd thousands of years past are still heard today and offer calm to a modern person
suffering the same.
Each artist approaches the meeting point between structure and idea. Both offer an elixir to the malaise
of the present in the forms of joy, reverence and contemplation.

Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday, 2-6pm or by appointment

Welcome to Atlantic Works

Atlantic Works is a collaborative space for art and ideas. With a growing number of artists displaced by Boston’s soaring rents, East Boston is a richly diverse community which is quickly becoming a vibrant artist enclave. The Atlantic Works Gallery, composed of 29 members of the thriving East Boston Artist Group (EBAG), is a manifestation of this trend.

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